Alfred Szinowatz, born 1961 in Wr. Neustadt in Austria and raised in Ebenfurth, Niederösterreich, was fascinated to be trained in the profession to become a chef.
The great Idol and most important teacher in his career was his grand mother. „A wonderfull woman“.

Ones finished the International Culinary School; he decided to do what he had always dreamed of: Travel and see the world. So in 1981, at just 20, he embarked as Chef on a Cargo ship docked in the port of Portsmouth, England.

After this experience he decided to bring his cooking in Austria to a higher level, working as Sauce cook in the Hotel Corvinus in Wr. Neustadt and later as Chef in the Restaurant Rauchkuchl in Schladming.

Than in July 1986, he become a „Citizen of the world“ first as Cook and than as Sous Chef on the best Cruise Liner at this time the “MS Vistafjord”.

In 1990 while Executive Chef on board the “MS Meridian”; he receives recognition from the international press, archiving an Award for the best food on board a cruise liner worldwide.

More or less at the same time Ligabue Catering of Venice, a company which for almost a century remains at the helm of the catering business aboard cruise liners, offers him the position as Corporate Chef in their Business Area Catering division.

In this new position he achieve again coveted recognition such as the prestigious Award “Condé Nast” for the best food on a passenger ship at high sea and on rivers worldwide.

This Award attracted the international press who made a series of reports aboard the „MS Deutschland“ (“Love Boat” from a famous and popular TV series) and the “MS Mozart” that sails on the Danube, about extraordinary good food and cuisine, which Ligabue Catering has always promoted and offered aboard its ships. 

Till january 2014 Alfred Szinowatz was in charge of of the entire culinary operation on 19 seagoing  vessels and 14 river vessels, including of the culinary directors and galley team on board.

Since October 2015 he starts his own consulting company "alsino – Cruise Ship Consulting" and works as independent consultant for cruise ships, ferries, restaurants and hotels.

He can be booked also as guest chef for private events and private cooking lessons at your home.